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Since there've been a lot of new adds recently...

And since I'm finally using Facebook enough that I bothered to update my profile today, I'm going to toss here what I wrote there, for reference, and to give the new folks a bit of context for my random ramblings:

So, if you're finding me after a while, what should you know about what's up with me? (yes, I'm ignoring their categories. Screw their categories).

I'm living in Cleveland, I've finally got my hippy commune (in a neighborhood where our general freakishness doesn't spook the horses). Two houses, one lot, six other housemates, eleven animals, one hot tub. Love it. We're fixing things up, making the place into art, basically doing what we feel like. Housemates are Bec, Jer, Grafton, Caleb, Mark, and Liv. Before anyone asks (because it seems _everyone_ asks), no, I'm not dating any of them. They're my family. Once we get the back apartment fixed up, we'll have couchsurfing space again, and I'm psyched to start hosting couchsurfers again, both official and unofficial (we participate in, and love it). We'll even have pet and smoke free space, once that happens. Yay! Come on, come all! Calling Peeps of all generations!

I'm still working at CCF for the service desk; the job suits me, and doesn't eat my life. It also means I'm online _a lot_. Really, a _whole_ lot. If not from work or home, then from the everpresent crackberry. Generally I'm either here or on Livejournal ( Gmail's IM is best for reaching me, although AIM is moderately reliable. I generally only sign on to Yahoo if I'm specifically looking for someone.

To play label tag, I'm bi, poly, queer-identified, kinky, feminist, sex-activist, women's health activist, fat, geeky, way-left politically, yadda-yadda-yadda. And really damned opinionated and out and political about pretty much all of it. I'm about equally prone to ranting and to silliness. Aside from the full-time job, I also teach pelvics to med students (as model and instructor), and parking-lot escort at the local abortion clinics when my body isn't in rebellion against Ohio weather. I do other random activisty stuff as mood and health allow. Speaking of that, I've got fibromyalgia, and I'm bipolar. The fibro's a bigger pain in the ass, and I grouse about it off and on, depending on how things are going. It's obnoxious, but not the end of the world.

On "relationship status", since the closest they give is "It's complicated", well, it's complicated. My folks can't keep track, my housemates can't keep track, my damned psych can't keep track. That's ok. I don't expect anyone else to, except for a few major players. K and T have been my sweeties for about seven years now, originally locally, now long-distance, and I've been seeing E locally for a year or two now. All three are fabulous women, and incredible parts of my life, but not primary partners, nor headed that way. I like being "mostly single", it seems to suit me. I'm thoroughly and actively bi; it's a bad idea to assume gender about anyone I mention in my love life, just FYI.

I'm still a SF/F fan, books, tvs, and movies, although I've developed a much greater fondness for non-fiction these days as well. Politics, science, queer theory, history, whatever catches my eye (although my love of science will probably always be at the core of most of my other interests). I also love silliness and stoner-fodder and horrible b-movies and tripping in the woods.

I've also gradually made my way from "as intense as Episcopalians get" to "agnostic Episco-pagan" to hardcore atheist and skeptic. That's where I've been for a while now, and it seems a very comfortable fit. I generally dislike arguing beliefs, and usually won't, unless I feel it's necessary. Please don't assume I share yours, though.

As evidenced here, I'm not reserved, or succinct, or shy. I rarely say in a sentence what I could adequately express in a paragraph. FB's character limits drive me rather nuts. I also have no sense of TMI _at all_. Fair warning.

I have yet to make it to a high school reunion, and don't really expect to, but I haven't ever missed a Peep or FLOO reunion (I attend those instead of my college class year reunions -- so much more fun!). So if you're a Kenyonite, and you're around during a Peep or FLOO year (2012!!!), I'll be at OK on the patio.

Edit: OK, dammit, I got sucked in! I'm here. I still don't play any of the games, though. *puts foot down*
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